umbrella cockatoo

FACT: There are over 20 different species of cockatoos, and they can live up to 60 years of age!

greetings from Cheeto!

  • Cheeto is 16!

    Cheeto was born in 2005, and lived with a loving family who needed to downsize.

  • Barbeque

    His favorite activity is resting on his stand while the barbeque is going. He's a master chef.

  • Escape artist

    Cheeto is pretty famous around these parts... He's even had a story printed in the national news regarding his escape-artist antics. Read below to find out more!

Cheeto's homecoming

I got Cheeto from a family that was downsizing their home.  It was obvious he was very much loved, taken care of, and well-treated… but the new home was too small for such an outgoing bird.  

I picked him up in a large cargo van, so it was spacious enough for his (gifted) cage.  Even though I’ve let other birds ride shotgun in the car while I drive (see Pepper’s story!) Cheeto was unclipped.  I felt it would be safer to keep him inside his cage for the drive home.

Unfortunately, Cheeto had other plans… After a few minutes into our drive, Cheeto jiggled the door open and took the opportunity to escape.  Luckily, he had no desire to go too far. Instead, he flew onto my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and gave me a friendly “Hello!”

Cheeto's Day Out

Did you know Cheeto is internet-famous?


Did you know that cockatoos LOVE their humans and want to be around them 24/7? Cheeto is no exception. In fact, he becomes incredibly jealous of attention I pay to the other members of the flock. He's even landed one of his brothers (Pepper) in the bird hospital after a jealous fit of rage!

Best Office assistant!

He loves going wherever I go.  He’s even helpful around the office!

Cheeto's Clips

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