Pepper making himself at home

When Pepper moved in I also had Cheeto, an umbrella cockatoo and Lucky, also an umbrella cockatoo. All three of their cages were in the living room. Sparky, the dog had his cage in my bedroom at the other end of the house. We had a routine every morning when I got up. I’d leave Sparky in his cage until I had all the birds up and eating breakfast. On day 3 of having Pepper with us, I had a funny surprise. All the boys were eating, so I went back to let Sparky out. As I opened his cage door, Pepper whistled and yelled: “come here boy”. Sparky went running. When he got into the bird room, Pepper whistled again and told him to come here. Sparky approached the cage and next thing Pepper said was: “Can Ya Talk?” One of those, you had to have been there moments lol!

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