umbrella cockatoo

FACT: Unlike other white cockatoos, the umbrella cockatoo can raise its whole crest whenever it’s excited.  Calm down, Lucky!

Lucky me!

  • rescued!

    Lucky is a rescue cockatoo. I took home into our home after finding him, abused, by a family in Chicago. He was skinny, shy, and featherless - he's since recovered remarkably. He's our lovely little guy!

  • Play Ball

    Lucky loves playtime. He's especially fond of tennis balls. He thinks they're delicious!

  • shower time

    Lucky has a penchant for cleanliness. He absolutely adores his bathtime, and can't get enough water.

lucky's rescue story

Lucky comes by his name honestly!

In 2020, I happened to come across this adorable cockatoo’s photo while browsing Craigslist.  He was currently living in a home about 4 hours away, north of Chicago.  Not much information was given about him, and I knew I’d have to go see for myself.

I drove up to Chicago the very next day.  When I got there – my heart broke.  This gorgeous bird was trapped in a filthy cage.  No food.  No water.  Utter squalor.  I soon learned he was property of the father of the family who was no longer home, and the sons had neglected upkeep.  In fact, the one son had told me that there was, in fact, a second cockatoo (kept in this too-small cage) that had recently died – and he had no idea why!?  The son explained that the other cockatoo was their father’s favorite pet, and thus, he rather ignored the other poor bird.

I asked if I could handle him.  “Watch out… he bites.” was the terse reply.

I opened the door to the cage and could tell this bird was far more scared than I was – feathers fluffed, trepedation across his face.  But as I slowly offered my hand, along with soothing words, he looked at me – and hopped up!  The family was astonished.  They had said he only left the cage for cleaning… which apparently had been at least six months ago.  

As soon as the cockatoo realized he had a little freedom, he jumped from my arm and sailed into the picture window across the room.  Fortunately he didn’t hurt himself!  And at that moment, I knew – he needed to get out of there.  I offered the family $1000 to take him right then and there, and they happily obliged.

I looked at my new friend.  “What should I call you?… How’s Lucky?”

I took the squawk to mean yes. 



Lucky has a rather unlucky bald spot on his chest. When parrots go through stressful situations - like Lucky's first "home" - they tend to pluck their feathers. Lucky's plucking was so severe he's caused a large bald spot on his chest. So far, his feathers haven't come back, but we hope they will one day!

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