congo African grey parrot

FACT: African Greys can learn up to 1500 words!  That’s more than a five-year-old child.

Hi, i'm pepper!

  • my birthday

    Pepper was adopted from another family. Unfortunately, their dogs didn't get along well with Pep, and he came to live with me in 2020. He was born in 2015.

  • my favorite food

    Unlike the other picky eaters in the flock, Pepper will try anything he is given. Pepper eats Zupreem Natural as his main course, but he will eat any vegetable or fruit I offer him!

  • my favorite game

    Pepper loves to hide under an oversized lazy boy recliner! The first time he did it, I thought he was lost forever! Finally, I found him underneath my recliner in his little makeshift mancave.

Pepper comes home

I got Pepper from a family in Franklin, IN, just south of Indianapolis on December 20th, 2020.  According to his prior humans, he was approximately 5 years old, and born sometime during 2015. My trusty pup, Sparky (the Shetland Sheepdog) accompanied me that day to ensure a smooth transition for Pepper.  Supposedly, he wasn’t terribly fond of their dogs, so I bought a cage for Pepper – even though I knew Sparky would be a great travel companion. Once loaded into the cargo van (Sparky in the back, and Pepper riding shotgun in his cage) I noticed that the two had immediately bonded.  Sparky had his head over the seat, and he and Pepper were rubbing noses! After several blocks, I could tell that Sparky and Pepper would be just fine together.  So, while driving, I allowed Pepper to hop out of his new cage and accompany me on my shoulder instead.  While I briefly stopped to get gas and pay inside – no more than 5 minutes – Pepper and Sparky became best of friends.  I wish there were a photo of this moment: Sparky cuddling in the driver’s seat, while Pepper sat above on the steering wheel.

one more thing...

My friend in Florida wanted me to call him and let him know once I’d picked up Pepper.  I decided to call him on speakerphone after our brief stop.  The phone rings:
“Brook?  Is that you?”  (it did NOT sound like my friend.)

… (odd sounds) …


Ah, it wasn’t Brook at all. Pepper had decided to take the call.  He’s a great receptionist.

Pepper, the impersonator.

Pepper is a Congo African grey.  This species of parrot is known to speak up to 1500 different words in different voices!  While Pepper hasn’t quite mastered the breadth of the vocabulary yet, he DOES speak in a variety of different voices.  He can speak like an old man, he can giggle like a lady, and he can chat in a child’s voice.  You just never know what you’re going to get with Pepper!

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